June 2019 workshop

Join us in Worcester, MA (US) for this very important workshop;

limited spaces available so register now!

Online registration

The Massachusetts Alliance for Personal Action, SRV Implementation Project and the Training Institute are pleased to present the 7 day workshop entitled

‘How to function morally, coherently and adaptively in a world that is disfunctional, including its human services’

from 2-8 June 2019

at Worcester State University, 486 Chandler Street, Worcester, MA 01609, US


Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger (1934-2011) of Syracuse NY (US) developed this workshop and mentored the teaching group that will conduct it. This event was developed to prepare people with the combination of worldview and support they will require to survive in a world that continues to be imperfect. Special attention is paid to the human service realm, its attendant problems, and the toll they take on services recipients, their families, friends, advocates and paid staff. The event is taught to equip participants with what they will need to maintain personal integrity and keep their high moral ideals intact whilst attempting to serve marginalized groups.


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