Workshop content & format

The Training Institute developed this workshop to equip people with a special combination of worldviews, preparation & support they will need in order to survive with high moral ideals, with integrity intact & hopefully also with some effectiveness in human services.

Some of the assumptions underlying the content of the workshop are:
• there are powerful dynamics of disfunctionality in the world;
• these dynamics express themselves in derivative disfunctionalities in human service approaches, systems & structures;
• most people are not aware, or do not want to be aware, of these dynamics;
• it is imperative that people who want to function with greater moral coherency be aware of these dynamics;
• many of these dynamics can be known & understood;
• once one is aware of these dynamics, one is in a position to respond much more adaptively in the world;
• there exists an array of adaptive strategies for living with these realities; many of these adaptive strategies can be taught & learned.

This workshop is not intended to provide participants with specific solutions to specific problems. Instead, participants will learn an array of universally-applicable strategies that they can then apply to whatever situations confront them. Even in a workshop of this length, many of the strategies can only be covered in enough depth to delineate the essentials, to awaken consciousness, to enable participants to identify adaptive strategies themselves, & to point participants toward further study & progress in these various strategies. A great many handouts will be distributed, including ones that point to further resources on various of the topics.

The format of the workshop is lecture-style, with a series of presentations in a logical sequence of topics, some of which are quite lengthy. Following each presentation there is ample opportunity for participant comment & general discussion. Also, to assist participants to deal with the challenging nature of much of the material, there will be several opportunities for private reflection on the material & for more informal discussion at the end of each of the first six days. Further information on format will be sent with confirmation of registration.


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